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Frasa Filosofi Rasa

{ rasa } the greatest human emotion that cannot be touched physically, but through the heart; only to feel. 'Rasa' is one basic human interaction, the way to communicate and connect between two individuals, an expression without having to say the words.

Brand with spirit and passion in videography and cinematography. FRASASTUDIO work professionally, we work with an attitude, we do not just create product and content, but deliver a unique experience to our client in a way they feel our spirit and able to actualize their dream.

Coming from a genuine idea of FRASA, we bring fresh newly concept to the industry, FRASASTUDIO is seeking challenging projects from day to day and every minute. We do understand what is principle, it is not all about creating best in videography but actualize many dreams, it is not about a good content made but storytelling behind every video we create, make and present. FRASASTUDIO believe in every successful project is not merely due to our professionals, our advanced skill, high technique, tools and equipment but a strong interconnection between our client and us.

Developing the brand to create more meaning, bring emotion and expression, not just strengthen our vision and mission in videography and cinematography industry but to deliver a message to our clients with a philosophy, 'rasa'.

Corporate Division

At FRASASTUDIO we focus our service towards corporate needs, aiming to deliver professional work to fullfil every company unique product. We elevate your brand image and create a significant impact to the product and market, and make every single video to fit our client objectives.

Please download our fact sheet for more detailed information.
We classifies our Corporate Division into three essential services:

CORPORATE SLEEK - Company Profile
Because every corporate has their own special character and personality, we voice your brand image and translates them into a strong visual messaging.

VERMILLION CAPITAL - Television Commercial (TVC)
We are passionate about storytelling, a fundamental message to promote your brand and bring significant leverage directly and indirectly to both marketing impact and sales perform.

DELUXE PRO - Digital Advertising Video
We understand how the world of e-commerce change through the social media and digital advertising platform significantly, we channel your brand image to the market trend through a strong videography.

General Event Division

For every General Event needs, from corporate gathering to commercial or non-commercial short movie clip, we at FRASASTUDIO see every valuable moments to be preserved and present.

Please download our fact sheet for more detailed information.
We classifies our General Division into two services with sub-categories;

Ranging from a simple documentation to a structured professional level, we categorize into 4; SIMPLE MATTE, a general gathering coverage, covering a usual documentation and pleasure purpose. BUTTER MILK, for non-commercial purpose, less content and single-handled, like family/friends gathering. TROPICAL COCKTAIL, non-commercial, casual format with simple structure, regular social gathering. BLACK CHARCOAL, corporate engaged gathering, detailed content involving third party, professional.

For a storytelling purpose, we categorize into 2; SUMMER BREEZE, a non-commercial movie-clip usually used for an individual pleasure. TERRACOTTA, a commercial movie-clip for advertising and business purpose, structured at professional level. Certain need of client objectives and pro-equipment will be add-on.

Social Event Division

For every celebration to be elevated; we make special moments to lasts in the heart of the viewer. From wedding to birthday party, FRASASTUDIO believes that precious memories are treasures to be played again and again.

Please download our fact sheet for more detailed information.
We classifies our Social Event Division into three essential services with sub-categories;

A once-in-a-lifetime moments preserved to be part of aneverlasting treasure.

That spark we see from a couple, captured and translates into a love story to be told.

An important leap into adulthood; fun moments thats lasts in documentation, forever young.

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